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Clutter Hurts Marriage with Guests from Little Home Organised Podcast Introducing sisters Bonnie Blake and Lilly Goleby


The role of professional organisers is really a combination role where we are part: best friend part support worker part therapist part like cleaner or housekeeper.  We’re really physical and hands-on in the work that we do and we provide that emotional support as we are really focused on the psychology of why are we keeping things. We really find with the clients that we work with, that if there’s a lot going on in their minds relationship problems, problems at work, health problems.


This all manifests in their physical space around them creating clutter. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind and in a marital bedroom in particular, if you walk in and there’s a whole lot of clutter going on, you can guarantee there are some problems in the relationship too.


Clutter can be symbolic of low self-esteem depression anxiety lack of personal boundaries.


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