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Introducing the Addictive World with Georgia Phillips and Kym Haynes. Two dynamic therapists with a wealth of knowledge between them and have been working with families with trauma, addiction, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.


What is addiction and how it affects marriage? Addiction is disconnection.


“When I’m disconnected, then I’m going to reach outside of myself and I’ll have to use, that’s addiction”. “So if I’m disconnected from myself, then I can’t be there for my partner”.


We see addiction as obviously the opposite, we need connection. And if we haven’t got that, we’re going to use something to get connected too. For example, if we’re using gaming or we’re using alcohol or that first smoke we feel that connection again and I’m all right and have nothing wrong with me. To that, we might have that void inside ourselves where we’re seeking, needing, wanting something to fill that void for us, that loneliness and emptiness. And we keep chasing.


Understanding the family system and the tools and skills to manage this is very important to break the pattern of addiction.


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