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When you have a clear picture of your sense of purpose you are going to be more content and a happier partner. This can take your marriage to a new level because you are more enjoyable to be around and everyday issues you are going to deal with a lot better. You are better able to handle stress and with thus your self-worth increases. Recognising your life purpose only brings you satisfaction and contentment which ripple through into your marriage. You are going to be a happier version of yourself thus more secure in yourself.


Creating space and time to explore this more deeply is the key. Explore 9 ways to help discover your Purpose so you don’t begin asking yourself, “What am I doing, or what’s it all for?” These unsettled feelings and behaviours can feel like something is missing and can lead to boredom and emptiness inside. For some people, this can lead to a midlife crisis or engaging in an affair to numb these uncomfortable feelings. Living a purpose-filled life you will feel empowered personally and this vitality and energy will ripple through into your marriage.


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