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It’s very painful and you will be suffering greatly if you are feeling this. What does the loss of your identity feel like?


Cannot make decisions for yourself

Loss of confidence and self-esteem

A shell of your old life and who you were

Given up your social life and your own interests

You compromise your wants and needs for your partner

You’re feeling unhappy, negative, sad, angry or frustrated.


Losing your identity is soul-destroying and we primarily do it because we seek external validation to make us feel worthy and loved. The tricky part of marriage is maintaining your own sense of identity while being an equal part in a marriage.  Asking yourself some deeper questions and focusing on purpose can begin to support you in connecting with your identity and who you are.


It’s your responsibility to connect, seek and act on your purpose and when you live a purpose-filled life your sense of identity and why you are here will begin to germinate.


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