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When we don’t have acceptance of our partner, it creates pain. We are wanting our partner to be different and we are wanting our reality to be different.


Oprah talks about how people show you who they are, so if you are with someone who’s disrespectful, they’re showing you who they are. If you’re living with someone who’s just not interested in you, they are showing you who they are.  Believe them the first time.


You cannot change your partner and if you’re wanting them to change and they’re not, this just leaves you with resentment. It’s getting to a place of being able to accept your partner just as they are. And if you cannot, you need to question whether you stay in the marriage.


I show you 7 ways of being able to live in your marriage with acceptance. We all deserve to live in an empowered, amazing marriage and to thrive and live in acceptance.


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