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No one can control their emotions. The key to dealing with emotions is living with them, loving them, managing them, feeling them and releasing them.


Sometimes people look like they are coping and then suddenly explode over a tiny issue. This is a sure sign of someone trying to control their emotions. The feelings must come out eventually and the chances are that, if you repress them, they will come out at the most inappropriate times and in the most dysfunctional ways.


It is most important to remember that emotions are neither good nor bad. They are energy. It is the judgement that we put on them that alters our experience of each feeling. When you allow yourself to feel the emotions, to be there without internally fighting against them, they slowly pass and disappear.


To live a happy and harmonious life in your marriage it is vital that you can feel what is happening at that moment. Fully feeling these emotions and being able to express those feelings means that you are present in the here and now.


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