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On July 9, 2018 …. Jenny’s life changed.  Her husband of 33 years contracted encephalitis that nearly caused his demise. After 3 months in hospital, endless invasive tests and rehab he was discharged with a permanent brain injury and epilepsy.


In Jenny’s words “I was told I would be Pete’s CARER and I grieved about losing a mate and gaining a dependent. Jenny talks about the life changes and how disorientating, confronting, frightening, frustrating and upsetting for them both this was.


The NEW NORMAL everyone kept telling them about. Jenny’s use of mindfulness, positive self-talk, gratitude, and shifting her focus and energy when she’s in a downward spiral all help her stay above the line. In this chat with Jenny, you will quickly get a sense of how important your mindset is sometimes you are dealt a card but it’s how you play it.


Jenny’s wisdom, love and compassion shine through an episode of the Empowered Marriage not to be missed.


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