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I watch firsthand the breakdown of relationships as couples stop planning together, and communicating together and in time it’s too far to come back from.


If you’ve lost your spark and are feeling disconnected and frustrated about the state of your relationship, but want to avoid separation and/or divorce, then opening up the conversation is crucial.

If you’re wanting more intimacy in your marriage, it’s important to have shared goals. When you share goals, you agree on the most important things that you want for each other and for your marriage as a team. This creates emotional intimacy which leads to physical intimacy.  Having effective communication and knowing how to resolve conflict will support you in creating shared goals.


10 types/areas of shared goals to help your marriage get stronger, work together is essential.  These will help you talk about issues that are important to you both and open up opportunities for dreaming about your future together which brings in closeness and connection.


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