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Nothing prepares you for the transition to an empty nest and it can cause damage to a marriage and a relationship. It’s important to prepare for when your children leave home. You need to start preparing years before your children leave home. I believe if you can connect and build on your purpose, the empty nest will not be so hard-hitting and you will transition into your new life more easily. Raising your children is not your purpose, it is your role. Understand that raising your children is your role and it’s for you to find what your purpose is.


8 Tips to ease the impact of an empty nest including reminding yourself that it is very normal to feel sad during this transition. You could feel isolation, grief, loneliness, insomnia, and loss of interests.


The ultimate is if you have a life that is on purpose, adjusting to an empty nest will be easier. You’re motivated, you’ve got something to get up for, you’re driven, you’re focused and it’s your responsibility to find that and this will ripple into your marriage as you will be a happier empowered individual.


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