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You may know Julie Mason as the business owner, a successful Accountability Coach, mentor, and one of the top LinkedIn sales strategists in the world. Meet Julie the wife of 30 years, and a mum of a fur baby.


A personal insight into how she shows up in her marriage. A very honest discussion of the ups and downs of marriage like so many of us grapple with. Julie shares her tools, mindset, intentions and practical ways she has been able to journey through her marriage. Julie and her husband are two very different people as Julie is an extrovert and Greg an introvert. Julie talks about the years it’s taken her to understand and accept her husband just as he is and try not to change him. Julie explains that communication is the key to a happy loving relationship of 30 years.


Early on in Julie’s relationship, she discovered the 3 Types of relationships and that was something they both live by. Julie shares personal insights into her marriage, including her diagnosis, her therapy, when they drifted apart and the distrust that was beginning to show, and what they did about this.  If you’re wondering how to better communicate with your partner, give yourself space, ask yourself quality questions, understand, respect and not change your partner then this insightful chat is for you. Whether you are male or female, in a new relationship or in a long-term marriage I know you’ll learn something about yourself and/or your partner.


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