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What do you think the top 4 most argued issues are? Yes, you guessed it: Sex, Money, Chores, and Children.


Partners will always have disagreements however it’s how you overcome conflict, and this is dependent on your communication skills.


Some questions to discuss around sex with your partner include:

What do you enjoy/don’t enjoy sexually?

Are there specific sexual acts that make you uncomfortable?

What does sex give us?

Connection, spirituality, connection physically?

What are your fears around sex/ intimacy?

Commencement of sex, what do you need to be in the mood?


By communicating in an assertive manner, confident, clear and can ask for what you want you are taking responsibility for your communication.  You are using I statements and you’re positive and respectful in your communication.  Assertive communication does help enormously to reduce conflict in your marriage.


Listen to the podcast to hear me discuss all of the top four most argued issues in marriage.


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