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Victorious is about developing your own strength so that you can be successful, triumphant and the best version of yourself. It means becoming the number one person in your life, building up your self-esteem and recognising how awesome and brilliant you are which ripples through into your marriage.


Looking outside of yourself for your partner to do this will just set you up for disappointment, heartache and pain and a victim mentality. Some people carry pain and hurt around without dealing with it. By entertaining thoughts, again and again, they hurt themselves over and over, reliving the pain, hurt and loss and thus becoming a victim.


Deciding to be victorious helps you to recover from the pain of your past. Living in the present is the key. Self-empowerment involves developing your strength to enable you to be the driver in your life and marriage rather than a bystander.


People become victorious by making a choice about what they want. Sometimes the choice can be that they just want their life to be different, their marriage to be different. The energy that they previously used to stay in the victim phase and nurture the baggage and the pain is instead used to live a more fulfilling, contented marriage. Ultimately that person becomes a participant and that is empowering. Victorious versus victim, it’s a choice.


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