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Even the best of us get triggered. The first step is noticing that you’re triggered which for some can be the hardest part. Noticing that you’re less open, contracted, or you’ve suddenly had a change of mood /emotion to the person or situation you’ve been interacting with.


For some of us, it can be severe where you drastically change as you may shut right down and go into your shell or become vocal and attacking of your partner. The emotions need to run – transform – let go – to move on.  It can be unresolved trauma, conditioning, grief, pain, breakups, parental stuff, or so many things… See if in the emotional release, you can spot, where the emotion is stored, where it’s coming from, or where the trigger originated? This may or may not happen then and there.


I will discuss what you can do when you are triggered. The more that you notice your triggers, and are responsible for them (moving the emotions through emotional release) the more you can tell them apart from the situations, and the more grace and ease you will move through your relationship. Your triggers are your responsibilities and an opportunity for growth and healing.


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