About Helen Harrison

I feel honoured to do the work I do.

Helen’s approach is emotionally, and solution focused.

Helen’s approach is emotionally, and solution focused. A strong combination of efficiency, structure, modern modalities for self-healing and growth. To live in the present moment with awareness and no judgment I believe is the key to a happy fulling life. Understanding what goes wrong and how our blocks, triggers, damaged emotions, unhealthy beliefs, and mindsets hold us back. If you’re willing and wanting to be your best version with awareness of yourself and your relationship, I can support you to create the life and marriage you want.

My Healing Journey

My healing journey began from a family crisis- in the suicide of my younger brother and my own identity crises in trying to locate my biological family. The trauma I experienced growing up I began to face some of the hard truths about my family dynamics, core beliefs, dysfunctional patterns, low self-esteem and illness due to constantly pushing myself. This has led me to my healing journey and the transformation of embracing my authentic self and owning the gift for inspiring others. Empowering individuals to embark on their own journeys of becoming themselves and this leads to closer, connected intimate relationships with yourself and your partner.

I’ve been offering Counselling, Psychotherapy, Marriage Therapy

I’ve been offering Counselling, Psychotherapy, Marriage Therapy and Empowerment Coaching in private practice since 2008. I know how to get to the roots (unconscious patterns) of what is holding you back to break the cycle and pattern you continue to act out to then create your ideal relationship and life.

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