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Individual Counselling

“I help people find new awareness and understanding, new ways to cope, to clarify and resolve difficulties and to change and grow in meaningful ways.”
“I help people get through times and circumstances that are challenging, confusing and painful.”

Challenges in your life may be?

Major life transitions and change

Losses and trauma

Family and professional relationship difficulties

Power of Change | Counselling and Coaching Services

Symptoms and Problems include



In an empathic, respectful and confidential relationship

Therapy develops a safe place to explore your inner world It’s time to let go of the SHAME!
A person’s mental health is deeply connected with the meaning of one’s experiences, relationships and emotions. Often unresolved inner conflicts re-present over the course of life can negatively affect a person’s relationships, opportunities and personal wellbeing.
Sometimes you can be stuck and in pain and the causes are clear and other times there’s a vague and persistent sense that something is missing or not right in your life. Some aspects are consciously known while others are outside one’s awareness
What if the next time you got in an argument with your partner you knew exactly what to say and do?
Power of Change | Counselling and Coaching Services
Power of Change | Counselling and Coaching Services


Counselling addresses the issues that contribute to these circumstances and patterns, with new awareness and understanding making growth and change possible. Often it is coping on your own that is the harder work. While Counselling takes effort and brings a person into contact with emotions he or she may have been avoiding, therapy can also feel a relief. Having someone to help you make sense of behaviours and experiences can support real change and development.
Working together with an experienced and skilled therapist can help you attend to real feelings and issues in a safe environment

What I offer

"Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions!"

Individual Sessions or a package

You decide in your first session

Package creates momentum, motivation, commitment, and change.
All sessions are 1 hour, online or face to face. Sometimes people decide after their initial session what is the best option moving forward.

Counselling can help you change

Change from confusion, overthinking, worry and stress to clarity on what direction you want your life to take. Change from low self-esteem and low confidence to valuing yourself and speaking up. Change from triggers and pain to understanding what your barriers have been in the past and how to overcome them. Change from disconnect and rejection to connection, closeness, and intimacy in relationships. Change from powerless and in victimhood to powerful and victorious.

What Clients Are Saying

Power of Change | Counselling and Coaching Services

I’ve been offering Counselling, Psychotherapy and Marriage

I’ve been offering Counselling, Psychotherapy and Marriage Therapyin private practice since 2008. I know how to get to the roots(unconscious patterns) of what is holding you back to break the cycle and pattern you continue to act out.
I am 100% invested in your growth and am with you every step of the way preventing you from self-sabotaging, projecting and blaming.
The only way forward is to face your fears. Together we look, feel and move into what’s stopping you from having the life you desire.

How I Work

Power of Change | Counselling and Coaching Services