Marriage / Relationship Counselling

Marriage / Relationship Counselling

I get you communicating again, clearing out the 4R’s and breaking the pattern and the looping of pain and hurt.





Booking Your First Session

If you’re ready for changes, these are some of the areas I can assist in:

If you’re willing to Change……

What I offer

Packages create momentum, motivation, commitment, and change

4 session Package for Couples

Session 1

A Couples session

Session 2

An individual session for partner 1

Session 3

An individual session for partner 2

Session 4

A Couples session

Session 1 & 4

This is always a couple’s session
After the initial session as a couple each partner may be seen individually, then come back as a couple. We will talk about this after the first session.

Session 2 & 3

These are individual sessions.

Why individual sessions:

Not sure if the package is right for you? A lot of couples decide after their initial session what is the best option moving forward.
This combination works really well and can be repeated. All sessions are 1 hour, online or face to face

Marriage Counselling is Perfect or Not

Marriage Counselling Is PERFECT For Couples Who

Marriage Counselling Is NOT SUITABLE For Couples Who

What Clients Are Saying

I’ve been offering Counselling, Psychotherapy and Marriage

I’ve been offering Counselling, Psychotherapy and Marriage Therapyin private practice since 2008. I know how to get to the roots(unconscious patterns) of what is holding you back to break the cycle and pattern you continue to act out.
I am 100% invested in your growth and am with you every step of the way preventing you from self-sabotaging, projecting and blaming.
The only way forward is to face your fears. Together we look, feel and move into what’s stopping you from having the life you desire.

How I Work