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Can a marriage last with no communication? As you can imagine it is difficult for a marriage to go long term without communication and effective assertive communication. In time you will feel lonely, distant, and disconnected. Perhaps this is happening for you:



Personal cost: Feeling isolation, sadness, low self-esteem and confidence, rejection, low self-worth, resentment, worry, anxiety to name a few.



The personal cost to the individual on the receiving end: Tense, hurt, miserable, resentful, torn, weary, lonely, uneasy, restless, insecure, and more.


The personal cost to the individual with the anger: unhappy, ashamed, confused, guilty, hostile, regretful, insecure, anxious, numb, removed, and more.



Personal cost: Feeling rage, resentment, contempt, anger, distrust, low self-esteem and confidence, not good enough, stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Shame and guilt for the offending person.



Personal Cost: Feeling gloomy, depressed, hopeless, unhappy, nostalgic, distant, detached, bored, weary, restless, and more.


It’s crucial to make your relationship a priority and put the necessary work and commitment into your marriage/relationship. Research says the average couple spends only 20 min a week talking with each other!


Asking yourself if you want a happier marriage.


Where do I begin? The 7 steps to begin communicating again:


Accept that people communicate love in different wise. The five love languages are:



Your partner might show their love by doing acts of service, for example, cooking a beautiful meal. Having a conversation, finding out what your love language is, how do you feel loved?


Do you feel loved when you sit down with your partner and have quality time? Do you feel loved with physical touch? And do you feel loved through words of affirmation from your partner? Do you feel loved when they give you little gifts? Communicating with your partner, what your love languages are is vital.


  1. Be intentional about spending time together talking. Start with 10 minutes a day with no interruptions.
  2. Use more “I” statements and less “You” statements. …
  3. Avoid mind-reading. …
  4. Express negative feelings constructively. …
  5. Listen without being defensive. …
  6. Freely express positive feelings.


A marriage can last with no communication, but it will be a miserable one. Having the courage to address this and to start making some changes in the direction of improving communication is the key.


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