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Change Starts with You



Is any of this you?


Stuck, overthinking, sad, bored and not living to your potential.


You want to be more emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually connected to yourself.


You want to trust yourself more and your intuition. You know you’re intuitive when you let go of your to-do list and you are being happy, but this is fleeting and short-lived.


Fears of hurting your long-term partner by being honest.


You want more me time, time to pursue your own hobbies and interests. Women, time to journal, meditate and discover yourself again.


Tired of the heavy energy, heavy weight and the light has gone out. You are unhappy and act like you are happy. A fraud and feeling unauthentic and just playing a role. Your partner is happy when you are happy, so you try for your partner’s sake. You’re no longer attracted to your partner and sex is a chore and a tick off the to-do list and this will keep your partner happy for a while.


Women particularly, you’re hanging on to the kids even though they are adults as it’s a thread of lightness and youth and you identify with the role, of being a parent. You are co-dependent on your partner and you’re lonely, stuck, bored, unhappy, resentful, lifeless, anxious, stressed, confused and overwhelmed.


Everyday life leechers you of personal power which is a fancy name for self-esteem.




Developing your self-esteem is absolutely crucial for a peaceful inner world. You trust your inner self, you are constantly developing your self-esteem, and you will listen to yourself, the most important person in your world. You understand there is no rejection only the rejection you do to yourself.


“Abandoning our inner knowing is the real trauma. We begin to second-guess our inner wisdom and doubt our judgement.” – Dr Shefali


We all have a yearning to be ourselves, live to our potential, our calling and to be open to opportunities. It does not arrive peacefully and easily with calm and grace. I know. It’s happened to me, again. The “new self” is rising from the ashes of tragedy. I’ve been here before and so have you.


Your inner self says, “NO More” You cannot continue along this road you’re on. Whether it be your marriage, your sexuality, your body due to illness, your career your mental state. The “new self” will no longer be shut down, repressed, contained and talked out of listening to its soul calling.


New Way of Being


The time comes when you move into your new way of being. Discovering who you are and what you want to do with all this power that is your inner self, your self-esteem your birthright.


I have always come back to self-esteem throughout my career. I have continued to learn and grow and understand my inner power and how to develop that deeper part of me. I’ve constantly worked on what is required to be empowered and to make choices and as I’ve matured not from external sources but from within my soul. These are the hardest choices but from these are the deeper transformations and healings.


I support people who want to make positive changes for a contented, purposeful life. Individuals who want to slow down and get in touch with their true selves and calling.


From lawyers, mothers, business owners, truck drivers, hairdressers and admin workers, when you get clear as to what lights you up, your excitement, your knowing guides you.


“Once we claim our worth, we give ourselves permission to walk away from all that no longer serves us. There will no longer be a need for anyone on the outside to validate or deem us worthy. We will be enough in ourselves.” – Dr Shefali


“When we start loving ourselves, we start patching up the holes in our hearts, the gaping places that feel like will never be filled.” – Edith Eger


“Guilt is the past. Worry is the future. The only thing you can change is right here in the present.” Edith Eger


Empowering Couples and Individuals


I’m about to enter Season 4 with new branding for the Empowered Marriage Podcast with the subtitle – “Change starts with you”


Love brought you together, but how you work as individuals can tear you apart.


Empowerment is the key to living a fulfilling life. So how do you heal adversity and challenges? What exactly is empowerment and how do you build more of it in your marriage?


Inspiring Conversations


I have inspiring conversations with individuals who know their happiness is their responsibility and change starts with them first.


They share the adversity’s they have overcome exploring topics including love, loss, fear, resilience, change, addiction, tragedy, healing, trust, manifestation, inner knowing, wellness, health, sex, money and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide, inspiration, motivation, and practical tips to motivate and inspire you to make the changes you need personally to live in an empowered marriage.


Tune in to my Empowered Marriage Podcast to learn more. This fortnight’s podcast is available now and discusses this topic in more depth.


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