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Finding your purpose can improve your marriage. When you have a clear picture of your sense of purpose you are going to be more content and a happier partner. This can take your marriage to a new level because you are more enjoyable to be around and everyday issues you are going to deal with a lot better. You are better able to handle stress and with this your self-worth increases.


Knowing your unique role and listening to the beat of your own drum is the key. When you’re not living on purpose you can feel out of balance. Sometimes a feeling of anxiety, discontent and frustration and questions like, “What am I doing, or what’s it all for?” These unsettled feelings and behaviours can feel like something is missing and can lead on to boredom and an emptiness inside. For some people, this can lead to a midlife crisis or engaging in an affair to numb these uncomfortable feelings.


Recognising your life purpose only brings you satisfaction and contentment which ripple through into your marriage. You are going to be a happier version of yourself thus more secure in yourself. Creating space and time to explore this more deeply is the key.


9 ways to help discover your purpose


1. Ask the universe for guidance and direction


Ask a higher self, God, Universal Truth, or something similar for guidance. Allow yourself to listen and be guided to find your purpose. Being open is important so that you can pick up on what the universe is telling you. Trust your intuition. It will help you see clearly where you are going and where you want to go (sometimes the two are different).


2. Explore your interests, strengths and talents


Pursue a hobby, join a volunteer group, or explore interests that you had as a child. Your entire life you have been guided towards your life’s purpose. Nothing is a mistake. Look back and see what direction your interests and hobbies may have been leading you towards.


Think about your strengths and talents and ask family and friends what they think are the things at which you excel. Write all the points down and see whether they match up, or why they are different. Is what you see of yourself, the same as what the world sees?


When you are exploring your strengths and talents think about different areas in your life. Think about:



Contemplate where you are in regard to each of those areas. How would you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten? What would you like to change? What can you do to improve your rating?


3. Sift through ideas that come to you


The ideas that come to you may not be your life’s purpose, but they will lead you in the right direction. It’s a bit like a jigsaw and you need to find the right pieces to put the puzzle together.


4. Know that you may feel fear, but do it anyway


If you are feeling comfortable, you are not growing. Get out of your comfort zone, little by little, to enable you to grow. Set yourself small goals in one area of your life in which you want to start experiencing growth. As you begin to feel a sense of achievement, surrender into the flow and strive to keep going.


5. Express gratitude


Be aware of, and express thanks for, any guidance, support and encouragement that you receive. Perhaps you were in a book shop and your inner knowing led you to purchase a specific book which subsequently led you down a certain track.


6. Learn from mistakes


‘Mistakes’ are great opportunities for you to learn and grow and can encourage you to go in a direction that is different from the one in which you were previously heading. See changes in direction as stepping-stones to finding the right track for you. It can be frustrating to not be sure of your purpose, but if you make a conscious choice to work on it day by day it will become clear to you.


Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.




7. Work at your own pace


Purpose is soul; you feel it in every part of your being. Finding your purpose is your responsibility, no one else’s. There is no race or competition. Knowing and feeling your identity is crucial and taking the steps to get there.


8. Keep on the right track


When you start to move forward on the right track, you might find yourself facing new challenges that will be part of your journey. Keep your ears open and listen to what the universe is telling you. You will be supported and guided and need to trust and surrender, knowing that the universe doesn’t make mistakes.


A successful life is not a destination, but rather a journey.




9. Declutter your inner and outer world


Sometimes your inner and outer worlds are so filled with clutter that it’s impossible for the universe to reach you. Think about what’s cluttering your mind – things to remember, what’s on television, your ‘to do’ list – and about the rooms in your home that need decluttering. Your home may be a reflection of what’s happening inside of you. If you begin on the outside, this may create movement on the inside as well. Meditation is a useful way to clear clutter inside your mind.


Be honest with yourself. When you are living in accordance with your purpose you are open and aware. If you believe in your heart and soul, you’re on the right track, then you are and you will fulfil your purpose because you will never give up. Staying in this is so important and will feed you with self-belief and self-esteem. You will then feel empowered personally and this vitality and energy can ripple through into your marriage.


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