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Free yourself from your arguing and fighting. The biggest breakup to relationships is the bickering and the disconnect. Your impatience, annoyance, and intolerance of your partner breaks down the communication and connection.


This didn’t suddenly begin to happen for you, it’s been slowly building and festering over the years. Do you see the only way out as splitting, divorcing, and going your separate ways?


I’ve seen over the years of working with couples who split they then realise after the split that a lot of what was going on was their own unfinished emotional business and unresolved grief.


The disowning your feelings you feel suffocation and then project it on to your partner. We all have unfinished emotional business, every single one of us.


If you’re angry it’s often because there’s a gap between your expectations and reality.


Many salvageable relationships are abandoned in despair because of not knowing what to do or how to move out of this painful place.


Love isn’t what you feel, it’s what you do.


1. Where do I begin? STOP



2. Recognise the cost


Reflect on the following:



3. Let go and make the commitment to forgive



4. Express the emotion



Freeing yourself from your arguing and fighting takes time and energy. Uncovering the needs and expectations you bring to your relationship/marriage is your work. To heal the wounds, you have brought with you because if you don’t you will carry them with you for the rest of your life. Divorce doesn’t resolve the emotional business of a relationship. It just gives you legal permission to repeat the same pattern with someone else.


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