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Do you feel stuck in your life and in your marriage?

Are you reactive and get angry or shut down easily?


Unresolved trauma can make you feel like this. You lash out at your partner or shut down. Triggers are pathways to unhealed wounds.


To feel calm and peaceful, happy and healthy you must know you deserve this and are worthy of this. This ultimately leads to a happy healthy marriage/relationship.


Be Willing to Heal. The desire to feel better can be your best ally on the road to recovery.


Don’t keep your trauma secret; there’s power in healing together. Before you begin, make sure your partner is aware of how much you need his or her support, and be as specific as possible about what that might look like: I need you to hold me when I cry, or I’m so embarrassed by my nightmares that I don’t want to share them with anyone. Making assumptions is not helpful.


Start a journal where you can keep track of both your progress and areas where you feel stuck.


Find Support In Your Relationship.


It can be hard to maintain balance when working on trauma recovery. When we experience trauma, we often feel as if we are permanently changed by it. If you are seeking support from your loved ones during what may be one of the most difficult periods of your life, remember that you’re not alone. They want to be there for you and help in any way they can; try to let them.


Seek The Assistance of Trained Professionals.


Positive, healthy relationships require work on both partners’ parts. It takes a significant investment of time and energy. If you find yourself unable to engage in positive interactions with your partner, consider seeing a marriage therapist or attending individual counselling sessions together. Couples therapy is an especially helpful resource if you have children, as it enables you and your partner to focus specifically on keeping your relationship healthy—and that can set the stage for raising healthy kids and keeping your intimacy alive. I see first-hand lots of positive results.


Practice Meditation and Mindfulness.


Meditation and mindfulness are great ways to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression and improve overall mental health. If you’re going through a difficult time in your marriage, taking some time each day to clear your mind can help relieve tensions between you and your spouse. It can also bring clarity about where things stand with your relationship—and what steps you may need to take next. Make space for yourself: Sure, stress can be part of life—but so is making time for things that matter.


Incorporate Movement Into Your Daily Routine.


Moving your body, no matter how much or how little you do, has incredible benefits. Exercise helps us combat stress and improves our mood, self-esteem, sleep patterns and so much more. Make time each day to move in some way—even if it’s just taking a short walk or doing some yoga poses at home. You’ll notice you feel calmer and more centred almost immediately.


Taking responsibility to heal your own trauma is crucial. Even if you’re in a great relationship, it’s likely that you still experience some level of trauma from your past. This can manifest as anxiety and fear, which may cause you to lash out at your partner or feel defensive around them. I believe healing your trauma is an investment for a healthy relationship.


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