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How to find your purpose without ending your marriage


Have you lost your mojo and you unmotivated? Have you lost your identity and what inspires you? This is affecting the quality of your marriage and the connection.


A common situation I see, and the ending of a marriage is sometimes not the answer. Each person is responsible for their own happiness and living on purpose is an important part of this. You can find your purpose without ending your marriage.


Sometimes we need to take it back to foundational steps and what you need to get in touch with your purpose and why you are here. This will then ripple through to the marriage and you be a happier version of yourself.


Complete this exercise to gain clarity on what your purpose is now. When you experience joy you are more likely to get in touch with your purpose.


Instructions: Answer these questions 1 to 5


  1. Write down all the things you absolutely love to do in life. Be outrageous, open-minded, honest, and creative. Label it your “My Love List.” It may make more sense later; the point is to get inspired and let your imagination run free.
  2. List the things you do with relative ease. The very things you’re passionate about may end up being your purpose, but because it’s so natural and under our noses, we may even be aware of it.
  3. Look back at your personal history. We all have unique challenges we’ve had to overcome with great success that may be a perspective nobody else has, but you. What have you conquered and need to share to make the world a better place?
  4. Ask trusted friends, family and professional coaches for perspective. If you’re stuck figuring out what lights your fire, and can’t shake off your own inner critic, it may be time for objectivity. Other people will see things that you don’t and can help guide you to find something hidden inside yourself.
  5. Ask these thought-provoking, self-discovery questions to get you processing:



I encourage you to take the time to investigate your purpose, your marriage will reap the rewards.


Tune in to my Empowered Marriage Podcast to learn more. This fortnight’s podcast is available now and discusses this topic in more depth.


How to find your Purpose without ending your marriagehttps://www.powerofchange.com.au/empowered-marriage-podcast/


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