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I just want you to love me


“You please me, and our relationship is good.”


“Please me and we are good, and I will stick around.”


This is called a conditional relationship and a large part of relationships and marriages are this.


Conditional relationships are held together with individuals not taking responsibility for their own happiness and connection with themselves.


Staying in alignment with yourself is the key. Staying true to your inner voice and not looking out there to get what you need. That is nothing to do with you out there.


Your relationship with your inner being is the most important relationship you will ever have. Someone out there is not more important than what is going on inside of you.


Tuning yourself so you can feel your inner voice and knowing is so important. Focus on yourself so you can feel it. Looking outside of yourself weakens you.


We are all expansive creatures, not to be caged, trapped, or controlled. Being all of you without constriction is vital for a free-flowing healthy relationship with yourself and then others.


You do things for your partner because you choose to because you want to not because you are trying to make your partner happy.




Meditation is such a fabulous way to begin gaining a connection with your inner self.



Begin with 5 minutes and slowly build up over time. Notice what you are feeling and thinking and don’t attach to it, allow it. Pick your anchor and go within and be with yourself.


“You please me, and our relationship is good.” Turns around to


“I please me, and my relationship is good with me, then you.”


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