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We are made up of energy and the more free-flowing your energy the more vibrant, centred and whole you feel. The more empowered you are going to feel in your marriage.


Negative energy can become locked in the body and suppressed when you are unable to fully express yourself during emotional times which can create a lot of issues in your marriage. You can feel unmotivated, exhausted, no libido, lazy, sad, stressed, depressed, anxious, lost your mojo, you procrastinate, little focus, no passion, no drive.


You may not have a clear memory of something, but the negative energy is there and when it is released it enables you to live more fully in the present moment. Imagine you are lugging around a backpack filled with 50 kilograms of suppressed energy. It is heavy and prevents you from having vitality and vigour for life. The suppressed energy fuels your mind’s negativity which keeps that momentum going. The energy is stored as blocks of resistance and it causes a disruption to your energy flow. Releasing suppressed energy requires an openness and willingness to bring the energy into your consciousness. There is no need to get into the story that relates to why you are feeling a certain way. It is best not to over-analyse or ask too many questions as energies are being released. Instead be open and accepting and allow it to happen.


When you release suppressed energy, you will notice a huge difference as your body goes into a higher vibrational state and becomes more alive and open. The more of your past that is released the more joy, excitement and passion you will have for life in the present moment. Releasing energy takes time, patience and willingness. Finding the right person or group with which to work can help. As you spend time on yourself your own awareness will grow and you will have the capacity to consciously release on your own.


You cannot release energy until you become conscious of it. You have to see it, feel it, acknowledge it, know what it is and own it without judging or minimising it. A certain amount of vulnerability and openness is needed. If you skip that part the blocks remain and the suppressing continues.


How to move energy yourself:


1. In the Shower


Who hasn’t cried in the shower? As the water sprays onto you allow yourself to feel the energy, the emotion. Don’t judge, or minimise, just allow the flow of emotion. Identify an emotion that you are feeling, what is under it and what is under that. Keep peeling away the layers until you feel a sense of calm.


Imagine the water is washing away the emotion, down the drain. Visualise the water being filled with love and light and nurturing you as it washes over your body.


Let the past drift away with the water.




2. Reconnect with your Inner Child


Give the inner child in you a place in your heart. Connecting with your inner child allows you to begin to move energy. It results in you having more compassion for yourself and others. You can validate your inner child by visualising, painting, writing, poetry, doing other artwork, through music, or by being with children, as well as by writing to your inner child.


3. Light Soaking


Visualise yourself soaking in pure white light (or any colour that feels right for you). Imagine that the light is washing the negative energy off you and allowing you to swim in peace, joy and love.


How to Ground your Energy:


Grounding is an important tool that enables you to feel centred and balanced no matter what life puts in front of you. Grounding keeps you in the present moment and stops you from being unbalanced and weighed down by negative energies.


  1. Using Your Breath


Close your eyes and connect with your breath. When you inhale visualise how you are gathering up the stale, stagnant and negative energy. On an exhale visualise the release of that energy. Do this for as long as you need.


  1. Earth Grounding


Visualise yourself as a tree with your legs being the roots going into the earth. Close your eyes and imagine yourself rooted to one spot, just like a tree. Imagine the roots grounding and supporting you. No matter how windy it becomes your roots are strong and lock you in. Gather up all your excess energy and let it flow down your legs into the ground. Visualise the release of the energy into the earth.

Other ways to experience earth grounding are to take off your shoes and walk on the grass, which enables you to connect with the earth and to hug a tree, which enables you to connect with the planet’s energy source.


  1. Air Grounding


Go outside and imagine you are an eagle or falcon, or something similar. Hold out your arms like a bird and imagine you are being carried away by the wind. Feel it, flow with it, have no resistance, just connect with the source, the universe. Imagine excess energies floating away effortlessly.


  1. Fire Grounding


Have you gazed at the flames of a fire when you are camping? It’s very centring, grounding and calming and helpful for concentration. Do you recall that you sleep well when you are camping after looking at a fire instead of a television? It’s not always possible to light a fire, but you can use other objects like candles, a light or an oil lamp or lantern.


How To Remove Negative Energy:


Have you ever noticed when you have been having a relatively happy day and then after spending some time with a negative person, perhaps your partner, you notice the joy you had has gone and instead you are feeling heavy, tired, grumpy and negative. No matter what has brought in this negative energy, you have the power to remove it. You do not have to accept that this is the way things have to be.


  1. Smudging


Smudging involves the burning of herbs and involves a spiritual cleanse of bad vibes. People often use sage or incense and there are also other products that work. Let the smoke twirl around you washing away all the negative energy and filling the room with positive energy.


  1. Cutting, Wiping and Clapping


If you are around someone negative you can effectively use techniques that involve cutting, wiping and clapping to remove the negative energy. Use your fingers like a pair of scissors to cut and release the negative energy or the cord that is binding you energetically to that person.


Clapping away the negative energy or saying stop is an effective way to stop a negative thought sticking to you. You can also rub or wipe your hands down your body as if you are wiping off dirt. In your mind imagine you are cleaning yourself and ridding yourself of negative energy.


These methods are simple, yet effective ways to clear negative energy.


  1. Space Clearing


There is a bush flower essence combination product called Space Clearing. You use it as a mist and spray it on yourself or in a room where the energy needs to be shifted. It is very effective and works instantly. It’s used to clear negative energies to create a safe, sacred and harmonious environment.


There are many ways to ground and centre yourself and cleanse away the negative energy so your feeling empowered in yourself and in your marriage. Being open, creative and imaginative is beneficial and having fun is hugely helpful.


Understanding energy and working with it can make such a difference to the quality of your life. Your self-esteem and your marriage will flourish, and you will become the best version of you and you will no longer be held back by energy that just does not support you.


Sometimes we need support to move stuck energy or we want to clear out energy quickly. I use psychotherapy is sessions with clients to connect with energy from past events.


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