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As a masked person, you adjust yourself depending on who you’re talking to. You wear different masks for different people. You act according to how people receive you because it is too painful to risk not getting love.


Often, we have learned, and we have adopted various behavioural strategies designed to get approval and love for what you need. It can begin in childhood, continuing into adulthood. These strategies become like roles that you play or masks or personality types that you act out, whether conscious or unconscious. You can’t be honest in a relationship because you’re acting or wearing a mask. Some examples of a mask can be a pleaser, martyr, victim or bragger.


When you are acting those out or you are being that character, you cannot be honest about what you want in a relationship or what you think in a conversation or what truly brings you joy. There are many masks we hide behind with the roles we play out.


It’s crucial to heal the wounded self and come out of hiding.  With this, you can live in your empowered marriage authentically, creating more connection, closeness, and passion.


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