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You have lost interest in sex with your partner, you’re just not feeling it.  Digging a little deeper for women, it’s the body confidence that has disappeared since the children have sucked you dry, pardon the pun.


Let’s get your sexy happening so you feel deserving of love to give yourself and receive from your partner.


The first place to start is how to love your body:  You have to love yourself, feel turned on, tuned in and turned on.  “What happens is you teach your brain to notice how beautiful your body already is, which helps to immunize you against all the critical messages that tell you your body is supposed to be different,” You will begin to feel different.


Find out the simple ways to improve your relationship with your body. If you want to love your body… listen to it, be consciously grateful for it, appreciate others’ bodies, move it, touch it, and spoil it. This may then lead to you loving your partner loving you, but it begins with you first.


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