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Are you always running to your partner for help?


If a text or call doesn’t come in, you worry and think something is wrong.


If you answered yes to some of these, you could perhaps be the pursuer.


The pursuer will frequently seek togetherness, quality time, attention, and affection from their partner. However, the distancer responds to this by withdrawing and seeking space which leaves the pursuer in an anxious, sometimes desperate, state.


A problem occurs only when a pattern of pursuing and distancing becomes fixed. When this happens, the behaviour of each partner provokes and maintains the behaviour of the other.”



Learn 6 ways how to unhook the pursuer and distancer dance in Marriage.



We all bring our own pasts, emotions, attachment styles, anxieties, and insecurities to a relationship. However, if we can make the effort with ourselves and understand ourselves and our partner and their differences, we can develop happier and more loving relationships.


I support people to CHANGE, to design their best lives and relationships.


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