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Are you wondering if marriage therapy is worth your time, money and effort? Have you thought that perhaps your relationship is too far gone so it won’t work?


If you are the slightest bit interested and willing and you know regret is a terrible thing, then this podcast is for you.


 I’ve recognised working with hundreds of couples that this is very common and taking time to understand your own feelings and the relationship is a critical step in ascertaining if therapy is for you.


Recognising you may have a stigma, scepticism, and a lack of trust in the whole process.  Having a realistic and open view to therapy can be very helpful and cheaper than a divorce.



🌟Do you have a fear of being vulnerable and the idea of sharing feelings and thoughts is uncomfortable?


🌟Are you a couple that are denying the extent of your problems believing they will resolve themselves?


🌟Do you have a fear of change? Therapy can create change which can be intimidating and scary.



In this podcast, you’ll identify your top 3 steps to approach marriage therapy with sensitivity, respect, and open communication.



I support people to CHANGE, to design their best lives and relationships.


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