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Women are you feeling unseen, on eggshells and unsupported?


Men are you feeling rejected, overworked and you’re pulling away?


Maintaining a happy marriage after having kids can be challenging, but it’s possible with some effort and knowledge as to what’s needed.


Many couples fear the marriage ending as they are just not connecting like they used to, the intimacy has broken down.  A lot of resentment can be building and pulling away seems the only answer.


In this podcast, you’ll identify your top 3 next steps to move you out of the slump you are both in.


  1. Communication is King and Queen
  2. Regular Check-In with your King or Queen
  3. Willingness to get back on your throne


Remember that it’s normal for a relationship to go through ups and downs, especially when children are involved. The key is to approach these challenges together, with love, respect, and a commitment to working through them as a team.


I support people to CHANGE, to design their best lives and relationships.


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