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5 secrets to a long-lasting empowered marriage:


  1. Have your own identity
  2. Be a team
  3. A balance between positive and negative
  4. Being equal
  5. Letting go of the expectations


An empowered marriage is filled with love and commitment, trust and openness. You enjoy each other in your life and your marriage is filled with respect and assertive fantastic communication. There’s a very strong commitment and love there. There’s trust. There’s openness.


How do we create an empowered marriage? Have your own identity, be your own person. People can lose themselves in marriage. You are your own unique individual, authentic self. Working as a team, a partnership with all that occurs in a marriage.


Being able to openly express what you’re feeling. Balance the positive with the negative, being able to openly express it and talk about it. Being equals however that looks for you both. It’s about letting go of the expectations that you have of your partner.


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