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The 4 Warning Signs – Warning signs your marriage and relationship are in trouble can be slow and gradual and one day you realise you are not happy.


When you get married you anticipate that you get married for life and no mention of divorce. If you ignore the warning signs and hope that communication in your relationship will magically improve you are dreaming.


Is your relationship a priority is the question to ask yourself.


Do you make time for each other?


Do you listen to understand?


There is a distinct slow change in relationships so it’s important to address this as soon as possible.


The 4 Warning Signs


4 Stages to Loss of love and passion




You begin resisting what your partner is saying, feeling, or doing and start criticising your partner in your mind. You stop being so transparent with your partner. If you have children, your relationship could be under strain and you could be feeling unsupported and unloved. You’re feeling uncomfortable and not sharing your inner world.




An intense dislike, blaming and judging. You’re not listening to understand. Resentment builds like a pressure cooker, like a volcano.




Resistance and resentment have built up and it’s impossible to stay emotionally connected.




To keep the peace you have repressed your emotions. You’re numb to your feelings and tired and shut down.


Make your relationship a priority with effective communication is crucial. Begin with spending time together, here are some examples :



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