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The Signs your Marriage will Last


Getting into a successful relationship isn’t easy, and maintaining one isn’t either. There are many factors that come into play when trying to determine whether your relationship will last, but there are some universal traits to look out for so you can have the best chance of staying together long-term.


Here are the 7 signs your marriage/relationship will last:


1. Does he/she get you?


Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. If you want your relationship to work, you need a person who accepts you as you are but helps you be a better version of yourself every day. That’s not an easy thing to find, so if you have it – cherish it! And if you don’t – don’t settle. You deserve someone who sees all of your flaws and still thinks you’re perfect. Find that person and never let them go!


2. Open communication


Communication is key in a relationship. Couples that can talk openly with each other and work through problems are more likely to succeed over time. If you want your relationship to thrive, find out how open communication can help it grow stronger.


3. You have boundaries


A successful long-term relationship is all about understanding boundaries, both in terms of what you’re willing to give and receive from one another. If you have a good idea of what these boundaries are—especially what you expect in terms of sharing financial responsibilities, how you define love, and how much time and attention you plan on devoting to each other—you can avoid feeling trapped or resentful when it comes time to make those expectations real.


4. You can laugh at and with each other


Laughing at each other is a sign of affection, as long as there are no insults or put-downs. Laughter is also a sign that you can see things from someone else’s perspective and can keep negative emotions in check. If you laugh with and at each other, you know that boundaries are healthy in a relationship.


5. You share the same values and vision for the future


You and your partner should share goals and be on a similar page when it comes to life’s big questions—when you want to start a family, how many kids you want, where you want to live. This shared vision makes it easier to work through challenges and sacrifices along the way.


6. Are you friends first?


When a couple share a friendship before becoming a couple, they often have an easier time working out arguments in their relationship. Also, being friends first gives each partner more reasons to stay together—it makes them feel like they’ve invested too much time and love into their relationship (and into each other) to throw it all away.


7. You own your stuff, your baggage


Not all baggage comes in big black suitcases. Many couples bring along unresolved issues from their childhood or previous relationships. If you can identify and own those issues, you can take steps toward healing them or resolving them. This not only makes a healthy relationship possible, but it’s also one of the best ways to avoid infidelity. Be honest with yourself about what you’re bringing into your new relationship and be open with your partner about it. It might feel scary at first—but that’s what trust is built on.


In every couple, there are two different people and making your relationship a priority is the key to a happy future together. There are no guarantees your relationship will last, but there are some universal traits to look out for so you can have the best chance of staying together long-term.


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