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An interview about “Tired adrenals, the marriage killer” with Gary Borman from Feeling Great Naturally. Listen to the complete interview on the Empowered Marriage Podcast.


Tired adrenals are something Garry see lots of and how numerous health conditions can all come back to this one common syndrome. Tired adrenals and the syndrome that surrounds it, it’s just a grouping of so many different problems that people don’t recognise.


What are the main symptoms if you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue syndrome?


There’s a whole bunch of different symptoms and it’s not one disease or condition.


A place to begin is working with your energy budget.


Listening to your body and slowing it down and bringing in rest and recovery.


We see the classic energy loss after lunch, and in particular, in that school pickup time, watch the post-lunch dip.


A lot of strain on a marriage when fatigue is around, especially when one partner is really exhausted and the other one doesn’t get it. That’s one of the huge things I enjoy, having couples in my clinic when we’re talking about it because for some they go, oh my God, you get it. And it’s almost like I told you there was something wrong with me. The partners don’t understand. They don’t know how tired the other person is and they think they are just going, what’s wrong with you? And it’s not wrong per say, it’s just their batteries have been getting flatter.


Healing is a minimum six months to two years, and I’d say it’s from experience, it’s a lot longer than that. It’s depending on how far you are down that rabbit hole, sometimes you have to use hormone replacement therapy to try and pick people back up because they just can’t respond anymore.


What’s the average age of people who suffer from adrenal fatigue?


I’d be saying beginning mid-thirties, which is younger than years gone by as there is more stress on people. The ability to switch off is getting less and less and less. I blame a lot of technology because people have always got something going on in their face. They talk about the amount of information available to us now within a day was like half a lifetime a century ago. So, we’ve got all of this information overload.


Tips for Adrenal fatigue


Rest and recovery are vital. One day a week where it’s rest and recovery is ideal. There’s no Facebook, there’s no schedule, there’s no clock, there’s no doing. Working up to this, begin with an hour.


In your marriage, if you have adrenal fatigue date night can suddenly become a chore. It’s not helping anything because it’s doing and you’re getting wound up because you’re so fatigued.


Coaching clients to manage their energy budget is important. You must budget with what you have and not overdo it.


Eastern philosophy, yin-yang, is where everything is in balance. So, when there’s go, go, go, we’ve got to have that relaxation and rest. That doesn’t mean sleep.


Calming the mind with meditation Being able to switch the mind off and enjoy something for example fishing, boating, surfing, music and so much more.


If your suffering with any of the symptoms, the fatigue, the libido drop, the digestion, the mental fog, fogginess, irritability, all the things that you’ve talked about I would encourage you to listen to the full podcast to get an understanding as to how a Naturopath can support you recovery so you can live an empowered life in your empowered marriage.


Garry Bowman


Feeling Great Naturally – https://www.feelinggreat.com.au


Tune into to my Empowered Marriage Podcast to learn more. This fortnight’s podcast is available now and discusses this topic in more depth. Mend my marriage –  https://www.powerofchange.com.au/empowered-marriage-podcast/


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