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Let’s discuss ways to create a connection with your partner. It’s extremely sad when couples stop trying and stop making their relationship a priority. They get inside their heads and hold onto resentment and worry about the future.


What’s needed is to live in the present and to have a healthy dialogue regularly about what’s happening right here and now. Your intimate relationship is precious and taking responsibility for your part in it to be your best version of this partnership is crucial.


We have a habit of projecting our own needs onto our partners and believe they are going to fill the void for us.


It’s important to realise that your partner is not going to fill that void for you, that is your job.


Today, I’m going to talk about the 7 Ways to Create Connection With Your Partner


A rock-solid relationship is about having no expectations, not judging and learning about what love truly is, which is unconditional and that is very sexy. That’s loving someone but also letting them go at the same time. Too often we try to control our partner, but unconditional love is continually about loving and letting go, loving and letting go, and loving and letting go. It also means accepting and loving the parts in them that we don’t particularly like.


A lot of the time your partner will mirror things back to you that need to be healed within yourself. The temptation is to run away or avoid them because you don’t like to look at those things in yourself. In fact, we tend to look outside ourselves and point the finger at our partners.


If we really get down to it, most of us are afraid of love, even though it is the most beautiful thing around us. Love yourself first and having a fear of intimacy comes back to yourself. It’s important to not blame this fear on your partner and to look at your own self-worth, confidence and self-esteem. Of course, any fear-based feelings are at a deeper level however coming to an understanding of these emotions will help improve the foundation of the relationship you have with yourself and others and in time this will bring the sexy back into your marriage.


7 Ways to Create Connection With Your Partner


  1. Connect With Yourself. …What do you do for yourself. How do you fill up your own cup? What leisure time and hobbies do you have? How often do you slow down, go inward, meditate or connect with nature?
  2. Open to Learning. …Listen to podcasts, read, and work with a coach, mentor or counsellor. Online learning is all in the direction of growth.
  3. Be Present. …You, here and now. Connect with your senses in the here and now. Not past or present, the here and now.
  4. Focus on What You Value in Your Partner, Not on What You Don’t Like. … What you focus on grows. There will always be irritations and differences, acceptance is the key.
  5. Plan Fun Dates and Time Together. It…Crucial to be partners and bring in the fun
  6. Support Your Partner in What Brings Him or Her Joy. …It may not interest you but you can see it gives your partner joy, supporting them in this is loving and caring.
  7. Be There for Each Other When One Is Triggered. ….. Knowing to not take the partner’s trigger personally is very healing. You can only do this if you have healed a lot of your own baggage and trauma.


Those couples who prioritise their relationship and put the energy and time into it will benefit from many years of fulfilment and connection. When disconnect begins to occur leaving it to slowly become larger means it’s harder to come back from. What’s needed is to live in the present and to have a healthy dialogue regularly about what’s happening right here and now.


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