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Ways to make marriage fun again. Having no fun in your marriage is slowly killing it and I see firsthand how it is affecting the couples I work with. It’s putting strain and stress on marriages and not creating room for pleasure and desire. Understanding that you need to bring fun back will make for a much happier empowered marriage.


10 Ideas to start bringing the fun back into your marriage:


1. Prioritise your marriage


Are you in a rut, too much of a routine and habits and no room, want or time to put into your marriage?


If you want to have fun in your marriage you have to prioritise it above work, hobbies and even your children.


2. Schedule time for fun


Schedule time to have fun with your partner. Just like you put in the calendar the hairdressers put in opportunities to have fun with your loved one.


3. Let worry go


Learning to let the worry go is very important. Reality is that struggles never really go but learning how to manage worry is very important. Previous podcasts I’ve talked about this.


4. Expect surprises


Struggles of life come in and not being surprised and being able to work at it together is the key.


5. Celebrate along the way


Opportunities to celebrate the big and small wins and milestones are so important and a great way to bring in the fun.


6. Enjoy each other’s interests


Enjoying your life together and enjoying each other’s activities is really a great way to bring more fun in.


7. Getaway together, alone


This can be inexpensive and a fabulous way to bring in the fun. Being alone together to create the desire that you perhaps once had for each other.


8. Little things matter


Handling the little things when they come up is so important, so they don’t turn into big things over time. I’m talking about conflict and dealing with it at the time.


Also allowing little pleasures to bring happiness to the marriage, for example, your afternoon walks together or your morning coffees.


9. Laugh at life


Laughter is so good for our health and it builds stronger relationships. Couples need to learn to laugh through life together.


10. Keep dreaming together


Dreaming inspires and encourages you both and keeps the marriage fuelled. Its fun discussing your dreams and wishers for the future.


I encourage you to try these ideas for a while and see if it brings fun back in. When you bring fun back in then this creates a closeness and an emotional connection. If these ideas don’t help perhaps seeking some support from a therapist before it’s too hard to come back from.


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