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Discover the tools and shifts that will allow you to take your vision for your marriage and develop the Empowered Marriage you dream of. I’m sharing where to put your focus, and what needs to change so you create your ideal marriage now and into the future.


The 6 Pillars is proven over and over to create the relationships and empowered life you have always dreamed of. My unique system is integral to the success of your journey. Finding your voice, and reclaiming your power with a set of tools for you to create your ideal marriage and the life your wildest thoughts dream of.


Pillar Three: Assertiveness This Pillar is the third instalment of a 6-part series in helping recognise manipulation and it’s important to recognize how to stop tolerating this.


Your lack of assertiveness is it affecting your self-confidence?

Is it damaging the balance of power in your relationship?


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