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How do you know if your relationship is healthy?


You respect each other, trust one another, communicate well as a couple, your both committed to the relationship, you’re kind to each other, you enjoy each other’s company, you support each other’s goals, you make decisions together, and you feel supported and cared for.  

Don’t ever assume your partner feels loved.


Date nights are a must.
Doesn’t matter if you go out or stay in.

Talking openly about what you want to change in your relationship is important.

Learn each other’s love language.
We all don’t perceive love the same way.

When you get into a fight, don’t just say “I’m sorry”. Say what you are sorry for, and how you will react differently next time.

It will get boring sometimes.
Every couple goes through the “boring” stage.
It’s normal.
It will fade.

This is the time in your relationship you will have to put the most effort in.

Some days you will have to pull more weight than your partner, and vice versa.
It’s important to check in on each other’s mental health.
It’s okay to go to couples counselling.
It helps.
It doesn’t mean you two are ending or failing.

Talk about money.
Talk about your financial goals.

Let your partner know what you expect from them, and vice versa.
Turn off the phones an hour before bedtime and just talk to each other.



Ask questions like:


“What do you need to see more of from me?”
“How can we understand each other better?”
And most importantly, be kind to each other.

Love each other.
Fight for each other.
Remember, love is never easy, and it’s one hell of a ride.
And it’s so worth it!



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