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The 6 Pillars of Change for an Empowered Life is proven over and over to create the relationships and empowered life you have always dreamed of.


My unique system is integral to the success of your journey.  Finding your voice, and reclaiming your power with a set of tools for you to create your ideal life and the life your wildest thoughts dream of.




Pillar One: Care of Yourself

Pillar Two: Healthy Boundaries

Pillar Three: Assertiveness


Pillar Four: Nurturing Forgiveness


How do you forgive someone who has betrayed you? Cheated on You? Abused You? Left You? The list could go on and on. Of the 6 Pillars, this is the hardest one for most because forgiveness is equal to forgiving another’s behaviour. Forgiveness is the pillar of the journey to finding peace and serenity. Transforming the other pillars first makes space for you to forgive yourself and others, which is the ultimate key to loving and rewarding relationships and life.


This Pillar is focused on:



Using this Pillar in your relationships, you will be able to:



Today I’m going to look at how to handle your feelings.


Understanding Emotions


There are two basic emotions – love and fear. All emotions are variations of those two. There are varying degrees of feelings – some are mild, some moderate and others are very intense. For example, anger in a mild form can be annoyance. It can increase to feeling offended and agitated and as an intense emotion, it would be a feeling of rage. However, on any level, anger is based on fear.


Fear-based emotions include:



Love-based emotions include:


You Cannot Control Your Emotions


No one can control their emotions. The key to dealing with emotions is living with them, loving them, managing them, feeling them and releasing them.


It takes a lot of energy to keep your emotions under tight control. Some people even become ill as their vibrations are lowered and this can lead to illness, depression and fatigue.


How to Explore and Release Your Emotions


There is no right or wrong way to explore your emotions. You have to do what feels right for you and what you are drawn to. Some people prefer to work in solitude, while others need the support of a group or just one person.


  1. Venting
  2. A letting go letter
  3. Writing in a journal
  4. Listen to music that moves you
  5. Share your emotions with your pets
  6. Connect with mother earth
  7. Keep a record of your emotions


When you start to identify, understand and release buried emotions you will get in tune with yourself emotionally. When you have emptied out your repressed emotions you will be triggered less by your outer world. You will then have no judgement and will surrender to the feelings allowing the emotion to just be if you are triggered. You will reach a point where you live in the present moment and will feel more joy and harmony in yourself and in your marriage.


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