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The 6 Pillars of Change for an Empowered Life is proven over and over to create the relationships and empowered life you have always dreamed of.

My unique system is integral to the success of your journey.  Finding your voice, and reclaiming your power with a set of tools for you to create your ideal life and the life your wildest thoughts dream of.




Pillar One: Care for Yourself

Pillar Two: Healthy Boundaries

Pillar Three: Assertiveness

Pillar Four: Nurturing Forgiveness


Pillar Five: Growing Self-Acceptance


How to have self-acceptance in your marriage: Growing self-acceptance is not easy. You may believe you accept yourself but, in your heart and mind, you judge, criticize, blame, and second-guess everything you do and every decision you make. You can be tempted to avoid noticing these internal self-rejecting messages by binge-watching TV, overeating snacks, shopping, overworking, drinking or doing drugs too much.


Even caretaking others can be a distraction from hearing the negative voices of self-rejection. Being in unacceptance and rejection of yourself can even numb you from creating the life you really desire. And you are not alone…most people are doing this, daily. It becomes a habit we do not notice.


This Pillar is focused on:


Using this Pillar in your relationships, you will be able to:


Questions to ask yourself in growing your self-acceptance



By taking the time to focus on yourself, you can maintain your own well-being while also strengthening your marriage. So don’t be afraid to begin accepting yourself, your quirky ways, and your irritating ways.


Being in acceptance and kindness of yourself can begin creating the life you really desire from your inner compass, purpose and inner voice.


Experience the wonders of everydayness, and maximize your potential for the overall emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual well-being as an individual and in your empowered marriage.


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