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Women love to connect. Rather, women NEED to connect as it’s what allows a woman to trust. Women will often simply share what’s on their minds, to let go of the many things that affected them emotionally (on any level) throughout the day. While stockpiling thoughts, feelings, and emotions eventually they will overflow much like a bucket would overflow if filled too high.


For a woman to empty her bucket of emotions, thoughts or feelings is the greatest relief and provides a sense of calmness, especially when it’s someone close to her that lets her do this. Therefore, women typically vent or rattle on (as I have often done), or talk for hours and hours, sometimes with no one specific points, just many random thoughts.


A woman feels most comfortable, happy, and trusting when she can share her feelings freely. Men you don’t need to fix this. Women want to connect by sharing, talking, or venting about anything that may have happened since the last time she was able to share, talk or vent.


These are MAJOR differences as men may think a woman may need help when she just wants him to listen.


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