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To sacrifice your identity, your wants, your purpose and your needs for the sake of the marriage is common, particularly for women.  The universal sign of being wanted, settled, and loved is marriage.


The longer the better, 15 years, 25 years, and 30 years.  The cultural programming, the measure of worth lies in the other, like marriage and not from deep within yourself. “I’ve been married 27 years!”


It’s like a badge of honour and the longer the time the better. However, no one knows what’s going on inside the marriage. Many marriages are not working, and communication and intimacy have broken down. Women ask, Who am I, now without my child needing me?  People are consumed by fear and unworthiness.


Many of us have been suppressed for a long time and stay in marriages that died years ago. Find out my 4 reasons people stay in marriages that finished years ago.


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